Learn how to intergrate the ancient wisdom of Eastern Ayurvedic & Yogic practices, to bring balance and harmony into your daily lifestyle. Share an incrediable healing journey through Robine & Will, who bring a wealth of knowledge directly from the East.

Having spent many years travelling the Globe immersed deeply in the yogic & Ayvedic teachings of their masters. They are passionate to share with you here in the Bohemian Balkan mountains of Bulgaria everything they have learnt. This is the perfect place to experience a deeper connection with your true nature and begin to walk the path of self perification and enpowerment.

Supported by mother nature breathing the pure prana of the mountain air, connected to earth like the trees of the mountain forest and energised by the spring mountain water. Here you will become part of our supportive family style community of international teachers and travellers.

We look forward to welcoming you to our heart opening circle and offer the opprortunity for you to take away with you the benefits and joys of Ayvedic & Yogic teachings.

We offer a intermit and personally connected retreat with limited places, so please do contact us on yoga@risingsoulretreat.com to register your interest. Robine & Will welcome any and all questions and are happy to reply with a personal response blissbyrobine@gmail.com

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