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Connecting Nomads & Yoga In Nature.

Would you like to be part of a developing sustainable nomads community? Then here is where you can read more to find out how to grow some roots in the Bohemian Balkans?

The RisingSoul is currently an ethical not for profit community that is passionate avout developing the Balkan Nomads project to enable location independant workers to join our community in a longer term capacity.

As the first step in this process we have recently secured the lease on a disused shop and election hall in the village, just a two minute walk from our base. We are delighted that our local Tryavna Council and Mayor have voted for us as the right people to take care of and reuse this abandonned building. This has allowed us to open the first stage of the BalkanNomads Coworking Community Space. The addition of a 20metre square coworking office and a small private room for confidentail calls are now open.

Whilst the Chai House and other parts of the building were scheduled to be an off season project 2023. We are delighted to have been able to achieve the coworking space ahead of schedule and held a opening day fund raising event in our newly renovated Chai House.

This fab space has more potential to unlock and It has enabled us to respond to our nomad guests that prefer to work in a independent professional business space now, instead of next season as origionally planned.

We are inspired and dedicated to developing a rural and rustic, yet vibrant nomads and travellers community, with opportunities to expand and provide long term nomads accommodation solutions.

Working with local people we are able to help with the option of buying or long term leasing various types of property in the village. This is even more appealing as we will also offer the service of managing your property as a rental income while your travelling. In light of this our once Floasis guest and now community friend Magdalena. Has purchased an old communist style bus stop and we are working with her to see what exciting referbishment plan she will decide on.

So If a yoga retreat isnt your thing, your schedule is to busy right now or maybe your a solo traveller or couple interested in community life, but still searching for privacy.. But you would like to work in a rural mountain area, knowing that there is a social international community next door. Then please get in touch info@risingsoulretreat.com using BalkanNomad Project as the subtitle. We partner with a local village inn who can provide ensuite bedrooms and bedsits for long stays on a self catering bases at reasonable prices. When it comes to meeting other travellers and healthy self practices you are just two minutes away from a international community and daily yogi space of the RisingSoul Community

As location independent life gives us wonderful freedom, yet as digital nomads we all have to manage a life work balance, whilst travelling. So you can expect to find three sources of WIFI a 10 & 20 mb cabled WIFI with a back up of a 15mb 4G Mobex in the coworking office and a cabled 20 – 25mb sytem indoors and outside at the RisingSoul venue described below. Shared use of this large community office Monday to Friday and communal use of a printer/scanner/copier will be included in your package price.

Whilst our internet connection is very good for a rural area please do be aware that it is more common to have power cuts in Bulgaria than many other European countrys and they dont tell us. Whilst this is occassional we do reccomend guests pick up a A1 or Vivacom data sim for any emergancies.

Working with a forest and river view certainly helps to keep you inspired and focused. But when works over you can step outside and remember that you are blessed to live in natures own rural retreat, the Balkan mountains. We are surrounded by nature and wildlife in the clean mountain valley air and spring and mineral water perfect for taking a break from your busy life and pressing the reset button.

Plus dont forget that you don’t have to cook or shop! We can provide two plant based creative healthy and delicious community meals a day for you and if you get hungry during the day you can pop into the Chai House for snacks, coffees and drinks.

RisingSoul Retreat Stays & Workcations

Love Yoga?

Then book one of our digital nomad friendly Earth & Fire Community Yoga Retreats or off season NomadStays to stay at the RisingSoul Retreat

The RisingSoul Offers a community atmosphere with rustic spaces designed to reflect our collective travel experience which has enabled us to develop practical, comfortable and social spaces that allow you to work efficiently, rest and relax, keep fit and socialise in whichever way suits you best.

This space is ideal for those with a more flexible timetable that can work along side a busier community life style. We have several work spaces outdoors and a shared living room/office indoors and are able to offer some flexibility to accommodate your work commitments in addition to the coworking space.

With a community schedule including yoga, meditation classes and often other spiritual and healing practices there is always something you can join. You will join us for all plant based community meals taking away those precious hours of cooking and shopping allowing you more time to relax and join practices. You can also opt for a more independent option with the BalkanNomads self catering option as above.

Our first summer was an amazing mixture of location independent and freelance Nomads along with travellers and volunteers. A big thank you to Jorin @ Economadia, Floasis who have been actively part of our first season. In our second season we were joined by an inspiring number of solo female digital nomad guests see our blog for more info. Please get in touch to discuss if you would like to use the venue for a team building exclusive hire event or workation event.

Day Trips

As a community we like to get out and about with our guests so whether your here for a workcation or long stay you will be welcome to join us on day trips you can find out more on our cultures & external activities but here is a quick recap of some moments form this summer.

Our First Autumn and Winter Season Work Spaces

Benefits of Bulgaria

Why Work From Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a cost-effective option where you get great value and quality for an affordable budget. Bulgaria has low COVID rates and is one of the only European countries where flights are still making it an accessible location for travellers and Digital Nomads. With hot summers and temperatures still warm and mostly dry during the day until late November, it’s a great place to spend the Summer and Autumn.

The colder winter months mark the start of the snowy mountain ski season which usually begins mid December. You can find out more here…

To find out what our coliving community and yoga retreat space is offering now pop over to our community life and yoga barn pages.

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