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Local Produced Food

Sustainable Community Meals Ethical and eco conscious practices are important to us at the RisingSoul coliving community. Therefore we are always striving to reduce waste, unnecessary journeys, avoid plastic and eat a sustainable locally sourced plant based diet. We support local producers and the village wherever we can. We understand …

Community Guests

Volunteering  As a volunteer you are helping us to physically build the community which is amazing, and we appreciate your help and input. So, if we have work and room available, you can volunteer for 2 weeks through WorkAway or independently.  You will receive free accommodation, use of the facilities and vegetarian meals in exchange for 25h work a week. If you have a particular skill …

2021 Resident Coach Classes

RisingSoul Retreats We are looking forward to launching our 2021 Spring retreats very soon sign up to receive a monthly email with events, retreats and the latest news form the RSC. Having a community of yoga coaches allows us to run a weekly class schedule, this is perfect for workcation …

Guest Coaches

Join us as a Community Guest and Coach! We believe that if you align your body, mind and soul anything is possible, suddenly life becomes less complicated and you find that the universe seems to bring the right people to the right place at the right time. We find an …

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