Eco Shop is a form of gratitude from us to those who have supported RisingSoul Retreat. After an incredible first summer full of creativity and friendship. We were compelled to find a unique way to work towards our goal to enable “giving back to the local community projects” We were inspired to bring back to life the once busy local community centre and cafe. now abandoned for 15 years and falling into serious structural decay.

In collaboration with our village and Tryavna Mayors we began the application process to become custodians of the building. After being voted in by the Municipality we began the restoration of the building. Developing our community Chai House, Volunteers Riverside Dorm and Workshop & Yoga Nomads Office Space.

Whats On Offer

We have created a super cute space where we provide a daily 80% raw vegan salad bar with specialty teas, coffees, turmeric lattes, ritual cacao and healthy raw homemade cakes treats. 

Our residents also hold a Tuesday night games or activities night in the space and we are hoping to introduce a language night.

We also love to sell natural and homemade products such as soap and creative upcycling items from our own and local bi products such as tin planters and bolster cushions.

The RisingSoul Community would like to thank you for your support, which enables us to share this amazing space and community experience with people from all over the world and local residents.

We are very excited to receive your feedback and orders! So we hope you enjoy the shop and thank you for visiting.

Open Hours

12.00 – 15.30 Mon – Sat

19.00 – 22.30 Tue (games night) 

Pop up vegan taster menu by arrangement

Available for private party hire or workshops



The Chai House is a vegan space and serves a daily pick your own salad bar. We provide a range of nutritious and delicious wild, foraged, or locally fresh dishes. As a plant based community we’ve got experience at balancing meals so you’re going to find lots of seeds, vegan pastes, tahini dressings and combinations of food that are easy to digest. 

We’ve gone for a 80% raw menu to incorporate some wonderful healthy grains and treats such as charcoaled peppers and other summer veg. The salad bar changes daily.


We also have a range of oriental ceremonial and local herbal teas served in wonderful clay pots to share.  

We also serve a range of hot and cold drinks including, ritual cacao, turmeric latte, fresh juices and nutritious healthy smoothies.


We sell a local brand of dark chocolate with a sugar free option along with homemade bakes, cakes and raw vegan treats