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If after coming to stay with us as a volunteer or guest you decide to stay longer you can become part of the community as a resident paying a small communal fee to cover bills you will become responsible for helping with the day to day running of the community or generating creative income streams. Residents work together sharing their skills to bring an abundance of fresh new creative energy, resources, skills enhance our self practices, personal development and community ethos which is growing with us. We share cooking and cleaning roles and look after volunteers and guests this is a open space for everyone to shine and there is much room for the RisingSoul to expand. Options for independent accommodation in the village is available and space for tiny houses or seasonal yurts can be built. We also have a 3 bed shared house for residents or volunteers in addition to the guest house and space for camper vans.


Its a vibrant and international group and we often have volunteers staying with us as part of the community. As a volunteer you are helping us to physically build the community which is amazing, and we appreciate your help and input. So, if we have work and room available, you can volunteer for 2 weeks through WorkAway or independently. You will receive free accommodation, use of the facilities and vegetarian meals in exchange for 25h work a week. If you have a particular skill set and we are working on a project that has set times scales, then we may be able to offer some paid work set at the local Bulgarian rates.  

We also accept part time volunteers your accommodation will be free in exchange for 12.5 h work a week and you will contribute to community meals at the same rate as residents.

If you have had so much fun that you wish to stay beyond the initial 2 weeks, then the residents will agree as a community to either offer an extended volunteers’ placement (depending on work available and skills) or alternatively you may be invited to join the community as a resident or a CF. Please read the community food and facilities to see what else is part of being a volunteer.  

Community Friend (CF)

As a Community Friend you might be a local person or longer term stay guest, that is not in a position to commit to becoming a resident or volunteer. You will be staying for more than 5 weeks and want to get involved where you can. The minimum requirement is that you can spare 5h a week to help with community tasks and you will be happy to be either the lead or part of the cooking team one day a week see Community Meals for more info. Daily tasks take around 30min am & pm or 1h per person 5 days a week and include helping with cooking, gardening, maintenance and looking after the animals. If you have a creative skill you might help us with artwork or social media. CF can also join our Yoga Barn membership where for a as you can afford monthly donation you recieve CF rates on meals stays and classes even if your just just here for a short break or nipping in for a class.

As a CF you are playing a vital role in financially supporting our ability to expand a vibrant, welcoming, sustainable, nomad friendly space that initiates projects to give back to the local community and supports local trade, so thank you for considering us. For shorter visits you can also stay as Community Guests

So you are up for the adventure of community life? Well its lots of fun but not for everyone if you are hands on person who loves to travel and experience other ways of like its a great way to test the concept of community living.

To check out our accommodation options, please head to Guest Stays

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