We provide travel for free (free transfers) from Tryavna and Voneshda Voda.

The cheapest airlines with regular flights are Wizzair, RyanAir and EasyJet. You can fly to Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv or Sofia. Without a car, Burgas or Plovdiv which is a great stopover option with a scenic mountain train ride to Tryavna. The trains are slow and senic but very affordable if you are not in a rush this is a great option. Please note on the BDZ train booking system Tryavna is spelt Trjavna you can get tickets at the station or even on the trains.

A rental car is cheap & easy, we recommend TopCarRental or their economy partner, but you can make it as far as Tryavna or Voneshda Voda by bus or train.

Coaches to Tryavna run from Sofia, Gabrovo, Varna, Stara Zagora and burgas many go via Veliko Tarnovo. There is a bus from Belitsa to Veliko Tarnovo and Tryavna-Gabrovo. Taxis are cheap and we can arrange an airport transfer if needed and are around 150 euro each way.

We highly recommend flying to Plovdiv and staying with the Old Plovdiv Hostel for a night to discover the sites and vibe of Plovdiv with its ancient sites, old town and university vibe. Awarding a European Culture award it’s a perfect stop over from here you can rent a car or take the scenic mountain train to Tryavna via Stara Zagora.

You can also break up the journey with an overnight stop in Veliko Tarnovo we recomend the Rooster Hostel or Sofia where there are many options.

Please get in touch for help with travel arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE we are not Belitsa near Bansko regardless of what Google tries to tell you. Use RisingSoul Retreat on google maps or the full address Belitsa 5363, Tryavna, Gabrovo and it will bring you straight to use.

A rental car is cheap & easy, we recommend TopCarRental, but you can make it as far as Tryavna by bus or train. There is a bus from the village to Veliko Tarnovo and Tryavna-Gabrovo. Taxis are cheap and we can arrange an airport transfer if needed.

However, the train or bus is considerably cheaper.

Travelling & COVID

July 2022 Bulgaria is not currently under any restrictions you are not required to present any COVD related documents

At the RisingSoul we are pro freedom of choice, self responsability and respect that everyone has their own personal circumstances and beliefs regarding our current world situation. We make no judgement wether you vaccinate or not and everyone is welcome. We do kindly ask that you act in the best interests of others and if you have a sickness of any type you delay your arrival until you are happy that you are well enough to be around others.

Of course we can all get sick so you might want to know that private health care is good and not expensive in Bulgaria please check your own insurances and rights as a non national in Bulgaria . We have a hospital in Tryavna and good dentists.

We recommend you keep with you when travelling… paracetamol, spare masks, hand sanitizer, a thermometer and immune-boosting supplements or herbal support.

Latest COVID Travel Advice

Reopen europe and the Bulgarian embassy tend to be the best places for recent info.



Below is the most relevant information we have highlighted as the initial information is confusing stating total ban this is not the case please see exceptions. I have tested the route flying from Barcelona to Sofia without any issue. Link t the full page is below.

Please note Bulgaria is not in the Shenzen Zone and in most peoples cases non EU visiters can stay three months, this now includes the UK.