May - Nov

At, 25 years old I bought the property in Belitsa. I found it on the internet whilst looking for a long term (“I haven’t got a pension”) investment. I fell in love with the mountains, cobbled streets of Tryavna, outstanding cuisine and ridiculously cheap but great red wine!! The cost of living is less than half of living in the UK, Western Europe and Catalonia.

15 years later, having retired from riding in professional equine sport. I adapted to a nomadic life and spent several years working globally as an equine consultant and trainer manager https://freefilly.blog

During this time I travelled to India and qualifying to practice Ayurvedic massage & teach Yoga further travels have lead me on a path of self discovery and spiritual awareness.

So I’m delighted to now be in a position to found the RSR and share the environment and my experience with others.

I’m especially grateful to be able to give back to a country which has given me so many amazing experiences, adventures and friendships over the years.

To all who have been part of my Bulgarian Adventures, this is a shout out, you know who you are and you have all got a tale or two to share, about this culturally rich country with its remarkable welcoming people, inspiring landscapes, crazy drivers and the girl who bought a house in Bulgaria.

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