Our community may be in a peaceful remote forest and mountain valley location, but we are an interactive and active bunch. We welcome and embrace people from all cultures and love to share ideas, experiences, music, history, stories and music.

Summers are outdoor dining, daily yoga, meditation practices and lots of creative projects. Sunny days by the river, shaded forest hikes and music festivals. The days can be busy with cooking, harvesting fruit and vegetables and developing the gardens. But we make time to chill out around the fire enjoying the stars, fairy lights, fire poi, guitars and traditional instruments, veggie BBQs or Pizza cooked in our 200 year old clay oven.

We function as a family community with neighbours dropping in and friends visiting from all over the world. We eat together, socialise and explore this amazing and stunning country that we are grateful to be able to live in. 

What is a Karma Yoga Community?

RisingSoul is a friendly, rural yet vibrant international community. Fundamentally we are a collaboration of Karma Yoga Residents (KYR) our long term team, those that devote 3-6 months of their year to the project and Karma Yoga Volunteers (KYV) our short term volunteers that bring vibrance and much needed support for 2 weeks – 2 months.

Karma Yoga is the practice of selfless giving. Our community collectively runs our non profit Earth & Spirit Yoga Retreat to sustain ourselves, raise our collective vibration and pass on our experience and teachings for love not financial gain. This enables as many people to join us as possible and we offer several energy exchanges.

How to Join Us?

We feel called to share this special space in nature and its healing energy with everyone who feels drawn regardless of financial status. You can join Yoga Retreats us as a paid Guests Apply Here or for a Scholarship. If you would like to join the community as a KYR or KYV please email info@risingsoulretreat Subtitle KY Application

We have also developed a partnership with a local disused hotel and one of our former residents has taken a leap of faith and is now manning the ship at our brother site. The BalkanNomads project, which provides additional private and coworking spaces for location independent workers and support for those who want to long term rent or buy in the area. In this way we continue to grow our sustainable, diverse and mindful community, learning from the skills and practices of those who join or visit us.

Sustainable PlantBased Food

We eat Plantbased food together twice a day as a community its a time dedicated to coming together without technology and sharing the abundance of natures larder. Ethical and eco conscious practices are important to us at the RisingSoul Retreat. Therefore we are always striving to reduce waste, unnecessary journeys, avoid plastic and eat a sustainable locally sourced plant based diet. We support local producers and the village wherever we can. We understand that everyone has their own personal dietary needs so don’t worry we’re not here to judge and we will always cater for you as an individual where required to the best of our ability.

Community Trips

Outside of the community the area is rich with an abundance of nature and ancient culture and historical sites. To date we have made group weekend visits to Shipka Pass & Buzlukka Monument, Stara Zagora Lakes, Seven Rila Lakes, July morning Black Coast, Begleka Festival and Veliko Tarnovo, Dryavano Monestry with weekly local visits to Tryavna, Dzhulyunitsa Market and Voneshta Voda Spa,

You can explore Cultural & External Activites with other guests or talk to our GuestSpace Focaliser to see what what trips and events are being collaborated with BalkanNomads.

Whats New in 2024?

After developing all the buildings, renovating a second house for residents, renovating the yoga barn and Chai House. We are now working on the idea of a Wellbeing Stop as part of our give back projects which are reutilising abandonned buildings in the village.

We are also excited to work towards the expansion of our glamping sites and a new partnership to create a Dark Inner Retreat Experience We will further develop the gardens creating more home grown produce each year.


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