Meet Our Experienced Team Members

Some of our team members have 10+ years of experience. Rowena first became involved with the hospitality industry when at only 22 she was asked to managed a small alternative Free House which specialised in craft beers, micro brewery ales and ciders and bespoke scotch. Based in the back streets of Peterborough in the UK this old timer was on its knees. But with a breath of fresh air and hard work form the team it was turned into a diverse and bustling hub.

Later having spent a year backpacking and travelling whilst working in Europe, Rowena felt a calling to work in the social sector. So on returning to the UK completed qualifications and began working with families and young people who were struggling with addictions, social deprivation, mental health and behavioural issues.

This lead to wide array of experience and qualifications in emotional and behavioural therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy.

Fast forward 15 years and Rowena has spent the last four years as a solo female traveller, digital nomad and global freelancer. Having travelled to over 30 countries and four continents she has seen and learnt so much from the colourful and diverse cultures of the world that she has founded this project to combine her life skills and support young people as digital nomads and solo travellers to live a life they love.