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Digital Nomads are one step ahead in the current global collective life situation. 

Covid 19 has thrown the population into turmoil.
A lockdown forced a way of life that reverses our social and working patterns and demands that we re-assess our working weeks.
The world is now depending on our brave front-line workers to continue providing essential services.

However, in the background, it is the ability to work from home that will keep the hamster wheel turning. It could be the difference between economic global meltdown and surviving.

For Digital Nomads, the change is not at all the same as for most of the world as a Remote Workers, it’s business as usual. These alternative workers have been tapping their laptop keyboards from all over the world for some time. Co-working and living are on the rise as our Digital Nomads seek to find the perfect travel work-life balance.

However, for Digital Nomads, the world has also rapidly become a very different place. No longer are they free to work wherever they please.  Travelling and working from the hidden places and wonderful corners of the planet has come to an abrupt halt.

The sudden border and airport closures left Digital Nomads stranded in countries they had not expected to be spending so much time in. Potentially unprepared and far away from friends and family, some with no homes to go back to. The sudden closing of borders and flight cancellations has left them in unusual circumstances.  

This Nomadic community are experts in remote work and social remote connection. So we will tap into their strategies and share their top tips, and life hacks with our community.

So if you are a Digital Nomad with a story to tell or information to share, please get in touch with us at blog@risingsoulretreat.com

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