May - Nov

Cultural & External Activities

The RisingSoul Community & BalkanNomads community is a blend of yoga coaches, solo travellers and digital nomads. Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Luckily for our community this part of the Balkan Mountains has several well kept secrets. The closest of which is Voneshta Voda which directly translates …

Guest Coaches

Join us as a Community Guest and Coach! We believe that if you align your body, mind and soul anything is possible, suddenly life becomes less complicated and you find that the universe seems to bring the right people to the right place at the right time. We find an …

Summer Detox Retreat

Come and join our tranquil yet vibrant yoga community for a insightful weekend of weight & pain management.  Learn why they are connected and how to to use fasting, food, spices, herbal remedies, self care practices, yoga and massage to reduce weight and pain.  This empowering weekend will give you the tools you need to build …