Akie is a Yoga and Meditation practitioner and a violin player.

She’s always interested in “Who am I?”, since she was a kid, like 10 years old. She was grown up with psychology books, philosophy books, and Budhism books, and she says her spiritual journey already started since back then.

Her spiritual journey became deepened after she came across Yoga when she was 22years old. It was an amazing moment that she actually experienced that she had a power to heal herself in herself.

She continued her Asana / Meditation practice for whole time while she was working for financial company and then organizing an NPO.

Now it’s more than 15years since she started her practices. And she enjoys her spiritual journey even more.

She says “I feel very blissful to share what I’ve been learning and experienced. Yoga is literally how you live with such an amazing acient wisdom. You might see your true you today, or maybe not. Don’t expect, let’s enjoy the fruitful moment, and see what’s coming! “