May - Sep

Alish is our resident yoga coach and therapist.
“Hi, I’m Alish Zenzejul, a slow Nomad for +18 years traveling for learning and teaching what I’m passionate about, like Panchamahabhuta Yoga , Yishu Wuhang, Conscious Body Movement, Tantric therapies and Multitechnique massages.

I’m a hypersensitive and empathic being that enjoys the simplicity of Life, good food, nice music and listening to people’s stories and adventures.

Everything I do is filled with Love, Consciousness & Self-awareness, for it’s my chosen Dharma and it brings me daily Peace, Health and Prosperity.

Hope we can connect and enjoy some time together and empower each other to remember that we Create our Reality.

Wish Us all the best,
Hugs, kisses and Love! “