Ashley - Yoga Coach

Classes Starting Soon

Since her introduction to yoga in 2012, Ashley has fully immersed herself into a yogic lifestyle and has found that the combination of breath, mindfulness, strength and flexibility (both physically and mentally) has helped her to become a better person on many levels.

As a circus performer her yoga practise has helped her with her circus skills over the years, allowing her to better use her props and giving her more creatively, more confidently with a stronger more flexible body.

Ashlee has 3 yoga teaching qualifications (Hatha, Aerial yoga, Gravity yoga) and specialises in yoga for flexibility (all levels) and the ways in which we can open up our body creatively and give in to the flow of life.

She loves teaching and practising intense sessions with inversions and hand balances but also enjoys making space for more gentle practises when the body requires it. Most of all she enjoys working with YOUR body and mind and developing a practise suitable for you.

She has worked for various studios in the UK and set up ‘Sheffield Community Yoga‘ – a scheme in which to make yoga as accessible as possible with the aim of reaching diverse groups of people in Sheffield’s poorest areas.

Now she resides in the Bulgarian countryside where she grows vegetables and looks after animals and teaches online flexibility classes to young dancers and we are so excited that she will be able to share her wonderful practices with our retreat and workcation guests.

We can’t wait to start Classes – Yoga All Bodies All Levels and ‘Moving from the inside out’ and Ariel Yoga – How can we really switch off and let the beat control our body?

Please get in touch classes are provisionally scheduled to run every Friday at 15.00 from the 01 April Yoga – RisingSoul (