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A Traveller Teacher

Movement for a Healthier Life

Traditional Hatha Yoga, Aerial Movement, Meditation & Mantras Singing

Her Story

Efi is also a graduate of a 3 years theatre studies program in Israel, which included voice training, acting, movement & writing. After 6 years of acting, singing, and composing at the theatre, she was seriously injured.

Determined to heal and feel good again, after trying for a few years any healing method that she found but nothing was helping, she decided to try a therapy method through aerial movement. During her healing process, she was part of the developers of this wonderful method – movement for self-healing and self-treatment.

This method changed her life and enabled her to get her mobility completely back, with only a few months of practice. She then decided to share her knowledge of healing through aerial movement around the world, truly believing that this is her life goal, the meaning of her journey.

She travelled across India with her unique aerial movement trapeze, The Althea, and spread her method and love with workshops and classes for local kids and tourists. While traveling she also participated in music projects with musicians from all over the world, performed in restaurants and on the streets, and volunteered with the local communities. More on those projects on Eklok Project.

After one year of travel, which also included teaching in Israel & Austria, she decided to deepen her knowledge of Yoga. She graduated from a 200 hours yoga teacher training intensive course in Rishikesh, India, the yoga capital of the world, in the traditional Om Shanti Om Yoga yoga school.

While there she practiced and learned pranayama, asanas, a variety of techniques for meditation, and mantras chanting. She studied anatomy & Ayurveda, aliment, yoga philosophy & yoga therapy.

With those tools and knowledge, she moved to beautiful Vienna as her permanent home, while she continues her travels and spreads her knowledge across Europe with her workshops and as part of the Avanyah Team, her husband’s original clothing label, at the summer festivals.

Efi’s sessions

With Efi you could enjoy variant of sessions that are dedicated to improving your understanding of your body, and learning the best way for you to keep your life healthier.

All sessions are offered as a Group session / Private / Semi-private.

– Aerial Movement

These classes will be practiced with a unique aerial trapeze called “The Althea”, which is produced professionally and carefully by Efi Love Light with the help of a professional factory in Bali, Indonesia.

The classes will be an introduction, in different themes, to the aerial movement method – Movement for a healthier lifestyle, deep tissue stretches, self-healing & self-therapy.

The aerial movement can contribute to overall health, strengthening the whole body, improve flexibility and balance, and can help as well with the healing process after injuries.

– Traditional Hatha Yoga

These classes are focus on the connection between the breath and the movement, holding positions, and relaxing the mind. The classes include meditation, pranayama, guided Shavasana and a mantra.

– Mantras Harmony Singing

The power of sound and the power of a group joint together to create the magic of this session. In the session, three mantras will be learned, in Sanskrit and African, along with the translation. The group singing will include also learning the harmonies of the mantras.

– Sound Chakras Meditation

A beautiful journey of opening and balancing the 7 chakras by chanting the sound of each chakra. This session will include a guided Shavasana at the end with chakras awareness and a mantra.

Here you can find details on Efi’s workshops https://risingsoulretreat.com/events/ and as one of our Resident Coaches you can find info on her weekly classes here https://risingsoulretreat.com/community/yoga-community/

Prices – All sessions are offered on a donation basis- give as you can.

Duration – Each workshop/class is 60-75 minutes.

More information

Follow Efi Love Light on social media and stay updated with her international tours, enjoy inspirational videos and text and be a part of her international community – Instagram & Facebook & YouTube.

A small pick to the aerial movement with The Althea – Here https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17879315011636454/

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