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Goda is a certified Yoga teacher, Thai Massage Therapist and Holistic Personal Trainer. Lithuania is her birthplace, yet she believes only true home is within.”Making my way through life trying to understand my own journey with PTSD and all that comes with it, I have had my very first yoga practice back in 2015. In 2017, I’ve started to incorporate all aspects of Yoga as well as disciplined training into my daily routine and found out that I’ve uncovered the most valuable gift of life – the most effective tool to heal, both mentally and physically.”

For the last 8 years, Goda has lived in the UK where she worked in Mental Health, Autism & Disability support. Not long after discovering Yoga, she started to incorporate all-round practice into her work setting. A few years later, she has made her way to Rishikesh, India, where she completed her 200hrs Teacher Training at the beginning of 2019 and been teaching all aspects of Yoga philosophy since then. In this time, Goda also has become a Personal Trainer and has decided to approach this from a holistic point of view. As the name suggests, holistic fitness & coaching is a type of training that addresses all parts of being – a combination of both mental and physical avenues.
Goda’s curiosity and drive lead her to continuously develop her skills and knowledge through personal practice as well as accredited workshops & training – Goda is certified in teaching Inclusive (Chair & Trauma-informed) Yoga as well as Yin Yoga, Nutrition & Weight Management, Mindset and Behaviour Coaching, also mobility, flexibility, circuit, core, functional movement & advance resistance training.

Goda’s biggest passion and purpose is to open up and share possibilities of healing and self-discovery through conscious movement, breath & touch, embodied awareness & self-care. In asana practice, Goda mainly teaches Hatha, Restorative & Yin as well as somatic movement, with occasional Flow and ecstatic dance classes. She also a guided meditation teacher with a focus on Ānāpānasati or ‘Mindfulness of Breath’ that comes from Buddhist Tradition. Goda is a Vipassana practitioner herself.“My core values are honesty, connection, cooperation and openness – which I live by and bring into my practice, treatments, classes and one to one coaching to my best ability.I emphasize individuality, inclusivity and encourage you to make every practice/training/session your very own unique experience.”Goda believes that through discovering and then developing a deep connection between body, mind & spirit, we may find ourselves not only practising Yoga, but LIVING all aspects of it. She believes that if we can truly accept ourselves, and lead our lives from a place of compassion, love & kindness, the more this will shine outwardly into the world”.

I am not here to teach you anything – the only true teacher there is the one within. I’m here to support you to discover your authentic self, guide you in your journey of learning to be kind to Your being, to attend to own needs; to get to know the body and its ability to heal itself, to feel the power of brain & heart coherence, and its potential to create a more loving and compassionate world for oneself…and as a result for all beings on this wonderful planet Earth.”

Love & light, Goda