May - Nov

Iva is from Bulgaria but moved to London as a teen. She often finds herself back in Bulgaria, catching up with family and re-grounding.

She holds a BA in Dance studies and has worked as a contemporary dancer, creating many choreography pieces, studying the Alexander technique. She found yoga or yoga found her when she was 17 while doing her contemporary dance training.

Her yoga & meditation practice deepened a few years later when she was struggling with anxiety & body image. Before graduating, Iva trained in Hatha yoga in the UK, and after graduating she travelled to India to study Ashtanga and traditional yoga with Yogacharya Lalit Kumar.


She went back to India a couple of years later to complete her Advanced yoga training and stayed as an intern to assist.

During her internship, her teacher gave her a spiritual practice where she was able to further deepen her meditation, study philosophy and embark on her own spiritual journey.

This is where Iva carried on to find mindfulness, Buddhism and mindfulness meditation practices.

She studies with a number of renowned teachers such as Cyndi Lee, Sarah Lo, Jack Kornfield and the monks & nuns at Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh tradition), and became a Buddhist practitioner.

Iva specialises in Yin yoga. She studies with Sarah Lo and also assists on her teacher trainings. She studied with Bernie Clarke, Jo Phee and also learned shadow yoga with Dr. Isa Gucciardi.

Iva believes we need a good balance between Yin & Yang to find harmony in our everyday life, she thinks of Yin as “slow, soft medicine”. She also specialises in Mindfulness Meditation and Chinese medicine & holistic practices.

Her mission really is to provide and equip people with self-healing tools which work for them. Her approach is very functional, accessible and nurturing. She teaches with an open heart and soft smile, inviting everyone to welcome all of themselves.

Iva believes building a mindfulness/spiritual practice is a life long journey towards freedom and unshakable love, and we start with choosing it for ourselves.

Iva has now been teaching full time in London and around the world for over 5 years, offering workshops, masterclasses and courses. She has over 800 hours of teacher trainings and is a registered experienced teacher (E-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance Professionals.