Josie has been practicing yoga for seven years and meditating for two. She first found yoga in highschool and it became a major way for her to quiet her mind and stretch her body amidst the academic rigor and strenuous sports practice she participated in. She continued her yoga practice through college, and hopes to become certified to teach in the future.

Her meditation practice is based on brother Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings. Initially meditating alone, she first participated in sanghas (community meditation) in 2021 and was thus formally introduced to the world of mindfulness. She is thrilled that she still has so much to learn as she continues what she knows will be a life-long lesson in thinking, speaking, and acting mindfully. 

While studying Biology in college, she developed an interest in quantum physics (please don’t ask her to explain anything because, no, she doesn’t understand it). Physics, she came to find, aligns almost too perfectly with Eastern philosophy. She is fascinated by the similarities between quantitative and qualitative science (that is, experiments done in a lab and the experiences of sage mystics) and is thrilled by the incredibly close intertwining of two of her favorite subjects, science and spirituality. 

Josie loves all things nature; creatures great and small, the oaks and the lichens, the oceans and the eddies. She considers herself more of an observer than a thinker, and believes that looking to nature can teach one just as much about oneself as looking inwards. With that being said, Josie is also an amateur essayist and has a free publication on Substack, where she writes about anything that piques her curiosity or tickles her heart.