Magdalena is a spiritual freelancer who helps other people discover their mission and guides Starseeds towards a fulfilling life on Earth. She focuses on holistic work that includes energy healing, the soul origin reading, and connecting with the Higher Energies for her clients’ best and highest good. During her sessions, she focuses on healing both the physical and the light body using, among others, Kundalini yoga and various massage techniques.

Mags experienced her second spiritual awakening just before the national lockdown started. She immediately commenced following her path and sharing the knowledge she was gaining along the way on her TikTok account and YouTube channel. After months of studying and practice she was called to start offering her services to others and practice holistic healing. 

In the RisingSoul she will be conducting energy healing and massage sessions. Tarot readings and Akashic records readings with Magdalena will also be available from June to August 2022.

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