Maria  has been practicing and teaching yoga for the last 10 years all around the world. She made her 500h teaching training in Israel where she gained most of her experience.

Her style is Hatha Yoga followed by breathing exercises and meditation. She keeps the practice simple and suitable for everyone.

She spent 2 years in Cambodia as the head teacher and the manager of a beautiful yoga retreat there.

She felt and saw how through practice, simple food, laughter, spending time in nature, by being playful and being surrounded by like-minded people can bring such a lightness to one’s self. And there she made a decision that she wants to continue spreading this light, these powerful tools for self realization, for harmony and balance.

She teaches also healing yoga, partner yoga, laughter yoga, mindfulness practices and meditation.

She loves cooking and baking plant based meals and desserts,   

She loves being surrounded by humans and being in service.