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Samuel Here

A yoga teacher and music composer who tries to serve his yogic mission worldwide, communicating his life perspective through yoga teaching and art, composing music.

I decided to approach life with a “nomadic” attitude-free from modern society schemes, helping people worldwide with yoga and expressing my creative energy through music. I love to make conscious experiences and human connections that feed my life, inspiring me day by day.
My life goal is to bring awareness to myself and others through the yogic journey, being accessible to the attachment of the ego and the inflation it causes due to the fluctuation of the mind.
Going out from the capitalistic scheme and ego inflation and living an authentic life according to our core values is the main goal I constantly try to achieve for myself and those who want to.

Living a life free from modern society schemes, helping people worldwide remotely live like a wanderer yogi, with a deep focus on exploring the Real Self, is my daily life journey and my biggest aim in this life.

I’m a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher in:

  • Kundalini Yoga (500hr Teacher Training)
  • Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa Yoga (500hr Teacher Training)
  • Arogya Yoga (300hr Teacher Training)

I define myself as a passionate “hungry for knowledge,” trying to improve my yogic skills and awareness daily to serve and take care of the best persons who want to share their yoga journey with me.

For this reason, I constantly seek to sharpen and improve my skills, continuing my education in the yogic fields with certified YACEP courses:

  • Yoga Therapy for Anxiety (5hrs)
  • Yoga Therapy for Depression (5hrs)
  • Yoga History & Philosophy (12hrs)
  • The Path to Your Potential: 7-Class Chakras Series (4hrs)
  • The Heart of Practice (15hrs)
  • Psychology of Ayurveda & Physiology Of Yoga (11hrs)
  • Advance Your Asana (7.5hrs)
  • Sculpt Your Body Program (4.5 hours)
  • Meditation on The Chakras (5hrs – currently in progress)
  • Vinyasa Yoga – Arm Balances & Inversions Program (30hrs – currently in progress)

    * Yoga Therapy services aren’t related to Yoga Alliance-certified education. Still, they derive from qualified external education not associated with the accreditation of YA, which doesn’t have a registry for Yoga Therapists.

My yogic approach and methodology is focused on trying to create a completely unique yoga path fully customized to the needs of the practicioners to explore their unique potential.

The central pivots and fulcrums of my yoga approach are:

A comprehensive, holistic yoga practice approach according to the human system as a complex and multi-faceted organism in which each part is interrelated to the others.

We’ll combine all the yogic practices (asanas, pranayama, meditation, mudras & bandhas) to form that deep symbiosis of working on getting the most intense benefits from the yoga practices to our body, mind, and soul to reach our highest purposes.

The main focus of the practice will be on the energy centers in our body (chakras, nadis, kundalini) to direct our course with specific intentions of the area in which working on.

We develop and improve the energy to activate the chakra area related. The pranic energy will move upward, feeding our whole being and empowering our awareness through the awakening of kundalini shakti.

Sounds will play a vital role in awakening our deep inner senses and conveying them for the highest purposes of the practice itself.

Through the help of mantras, sound meditations, and the power of vibration in all the techniques, sounds will help us explore that deep intimate connection with our True Selves, making us communicate our conscious and unconscious parts. We can use sounds like spiritual glue to establish that blissful state of awareness.

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. ”  (Lao Tzu)


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