General Info

Join Our Community in the Bohemian Balkans Connecting Nomads & Yoga in Nature

The RisingSoul Retreat is a friendly, rural, yet vibrant international community space with a flexible and diverse approach to self care and spiritual practice.

Here, you’ll find a mix of couples, solo travellers, volunteers, residents, guest coaches and therapists. We can provide additional accommodation for bigger parties this year in partnership with BalkanNomads, the location-independent coliving just next door. 

We may be in a peaceful, remote natural location, yet we value social interaction and creative inspiration – whether that’s community yoga practice, events and workshops on weekends, or simply shared communal meals and walking the dogs.

We also respect and encourage self practice and support you to find and develop your own self care routines by providing structure around daily practices and healthy plant based meals. Our retreat space is a wonderful balance of social space, reflective and silent zones and sharing sessions so whatever you feel you need we strive to provide.

Guests and volunteers often stay with us for longer stays, sharing their skills, music and stories with retreat guests. Gifting creativity and positivity to our rustic retreat space and leaving a unique footprint in our growing community. 

Morning practice and community dinner are followed by Karma Yoga so guests can join in community life helping to harvest fruit and vegetables, attending to the animals or helping prepare meals.

Everyone is welcome to join us and themselves at the RisingSoul Retreat.

You can get the full program and information about our Retreats on the Retreat Hub