The RisingSoul Community would like to thank you for your support, which enables us to share this amazing space and community experience with people from all over the world and local residents. After an incrediable first summer full of creativity and friendship. We were inspired to find a unique way to work towards our goal to enable “giving back to the community projects” and “donation only stays for those in need.”

To achieve these goals we needed to find a way of building a non seasonal sustainable income initiative. So we began developing our community Chai House when we became the caretakers of an abandonned public building.

We have created a super cute space where we provide a daily salad bar with speciality teas coffees, tumeric lattes, ritual cacao and healthy homemade treats.. Our resident games master also holds a Tuesday night games night in the space and we are hoping to introduce a language night.

We also love to sell natural and homemade products such as soap and creative upcycling items from our own and local bi products such as tin planters and boulster cushions.

We are very excited to recieve your feedback and orders! So we hope you enjoy the shop and thank you for visiting.

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