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Sustainable Community Meals

Ethical and eco conscious practices are important to us at the RisingSoul Community. Therefore we are always striving to reduce waste, unnecessary journeys, avoid plastic and eat a sustainable locally sourced plant based diet. We support local producers and the village wherever we can. We recycle and are developing upcycling projects along with our own vegetable gardens and the restoration of the fruit trees and orchard on the property. We understand that everyone has their own personal dietary needs, so don’t worry we’re not here to judge and we will always cater for you as an individual where required to the best of our ability. 

We have adopted some abandoned puppies, a stray cat and rescued two caged chickens who are happily becoming free range hens. So everyone around here gets involved in market day!! We also have our own plumbs, apples, grapes and berries growing on the property and began to develop a small herb and vegetable garden in the spring with bigger gardens planned for next year.

At he RisingSoul Community Retreat we start the day with the sunrise and a range of herbal teas, local honey and fruit for those that need, just before group or independent meditation. We believes that a great way to start the day, it boosts wellbeing and productivity and works in balance with meditation and yoga.

Early meditation may be followed by yoga depending on the season see Community Schedule a light self service buffet style healthy breakfast with delicious home made granola sourdough bread, local yogurt, honey, and locally grown salad vegetables and tea and coffee with non dairy milks is served. We like to keep things fresh so you will find that there are always new additions to breakfast and we do take requests and encouraged and welcome guests to share recipes and culinary skills.

(Please note that on all Yoga Retreats prices all fully inclusive and include all meals, tea, coffee and healthy snacks.)

After that eating at our our community and yoga retreat space is very much a communal affair, guests contribute 12 euro a day and we keep the kitchen fully stocked. Most of the time we have talented vegetarian and vegan chefs preparing our main meals for us and this is the case every day during retreats. But we also have days when we ask our community guests to pair or group up (depending on numbers) and take a turn to cook for the whole community community guests and community friends will take turns to help with residents and volunteers to clean up and prepare the eating areas. Community meals can include a glass of local red wine or beer with dinner if desired and meals are normally enjoyed in our outdoor kitchen and dinning space.

It’s a great way to share international cultural, cuisine, build friendships and share skills whilst saving time on shopping trips and reducing fuel and transport impacts. The best bit is you get to enjoy a fabulous lunch and dinner prepared by your fellow community guests, travellers or our talented volunteers.

If you prefer to cook for yourself there is a Self Catering guest kitchen in the Villa and you can also opt out of community meals on certain days. So if you have a trip planned or wish to eat out its an inclusive and flexible way to eat together without restricting peoples personal food choices, we just use a easy book and pay system to keep things organised.

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    1. Hi Miquel we are almost ready to launch our first Retreat of 2021 dates to keep are 07th may – 10th and 22nd – 28th May. Keep an eye on events over the next week 🙂

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