01 Nov 2020

The courtyard pool has been great fun on a hot summer’s, but is now packed away for winter. The RisingSoul solo travellers and digital nomads community can get super excited as we plan to have a larger mountain view pool installed next year outside of the yoga hall, Glamping and Massage and Holistic Treatment Room…

Social & Eating Spaces

At the RisingSoul Retreat we have a fabulous private courtyard with garden furniture and a spectacular mountain and church views. Along one side runs a traditionally Bulgarian roofed open fronted stone building. This area is perfect for relaxing, socialising, working and eating in during the spring and to autumn seasons when you can watch the stunning sunrise.

Ethical and eco conscious practices are important to us at the RisingSoul Co-Living Community. Therefore we are always striving to reduce waste, unnecessary journeys, avoid plastic and eat a sustainable locally sourced plant based diet. We support local producers and the village wherever we can. We understand that everyone has their own personal dietary needs so don’t worry we’re not here to judge and we will always cater for you as an individual where required to the best of our ability.Β 

The RisingSoul Co-Living and Retreat Space believes that kick starting the day with a meditation and yoga followed by a healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day. That’s why we provide our solo travellers and digital nomads community with exactly that a meditation and yoga class is available followed by our in house healthy breakfast provided from 7am – 9am for all our guests and included in your accomodation package.

After that eating at our co-living and retreat space is very much a communal affair guests contribute 5 euro a day and we keep the kitchen fully stocked. We ask our guests to pair or group up (depending on numbers) and take a turn to cook a for the whole community. Community meals include a glass of local red wine or local beer with dinner.

It’s a great way to share cultural cuisine and build friendships the best bit is you only have to cook one day a week and for the rest of the week you get to enjoy a fabulous lunch and dinner prepared by your fellow solo travellers and digital nomads. No shopping no food prep it’s like being back at our parents !!

We have apples, grapes and berries growing on the property and will begin to develop a small herb and vegetable garden and maybe even some happy free range hens.


As I write this page work has begun on our COVID delayed 2020 project the fabulous yoga barn and social snug. Pop on over to our Space page to find out more about our in house facilities.

Solo travellers and digital nomads at the RisingSoul Co-Living and Retreat Space are part of a unique diverse and inclusive community. We want to enable all our guests to find personal and spiritual growth to enable them to align their core values and work goals. When we find the balance and practices that allow us to accept life situations and others as they are. We become present more and stressed less, we find that we attract positive people and outcomes. We become more creative and content with less, life gets easier as we struggle less.

Therefore at the RisingSoul solo travellers and digital nomads community we provide optional classes of various natures from mindfulness and meditation to circus acrobats and fire poi lessons.

All guests have free use of the yoga barn when it is available for self practice and we will also provide DVD classes for those that prefer to follow along in private practice. Mountain bikes can be hired along with your own personal yoga kit for the duration of your stay.

Keep an eye on our Retreat section and Events for more info its work in progress.

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