May - Nov

A Wonderful Yoga, Dance & Meditation Space

The restoration of the ancient oak barn set in the upper grounds of the house has been transformed from drafty barn to zen yoga den.

The project was made possible with the help of friends, volunteers and craftsmen who we are forever grateful to. If you would like to join the community as a volunteer find us here https://www.workaway.info/en/host/513992965275

The Barns Journey

We began by restoring the original wood and mud floor a method used in Bulgaria for hundreds of years. These mud floors are rare and so we were consious of protecting it for the future.

So after repairing we designed a floating wooden floor supported by the old beams so as to protect and preserve the original mud floor.

With its high beamed roof and views over the mountains and village church, its becoming the perfect place to practice and help others to connect body and mind.

Removed from modern-day life your guests can truly become lost in the moment of movement or present in stillness and silence.

As the winter began it was a race against the clock to finish the electrics and finishes touches. We are sure that in time we will continue to find ways to improve and enhance the space but for now we have our unique rustic RisingSoul Yoga Barn.

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