01 Nov 2020

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Covid & Digital Nomads

Are Digital Nomads one step ahead in the current global collective life situation?  Covid 19 has thrown the population into turmoil a way of life that reverses our social and working patterns into complete. The world is now depending on our brave front-line workers to continue providing essential services. However, …

Cultural & External Activities

The RisingSoul Co-Living and Retreat Space is a solo travellers and digital nomads community set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Luckily for our Co-living community this part of the Balkan Mountains has several well kept secrets. The closest of which is Voneshta Voda which directly translates to smelly …

Community Social Events & Classes

The courtyard pool has been great fun on a hot summer’s, but is now packed away for winter. The RisingSoul solo travellers and digital nomads community can get super excited as we plan to have a larger mountain view pool installed next year outside of the yoga hall, Glamping and …

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