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Yoga Retreat in East Europe

* COMMUNITY RETREAT * WildForest Awakening Retreat.

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE Barefooted in the Forest we are Earth, Breathing Mountain Air we are Energised, Drinking Fresh Spring Water we are Rejuevenated, Igniting Our Eternal Flame we are Cleansed. Feeling rooted to mother earth through the soles of your feet, breathing into your body we become aware of all …

Balkan Nomad on Adventure

What’s it like to be a Digital Nomad in Bulgaria? My experience at BalkanNomads!

In June 2023 I decided to spend a month in Bulgaria as a digital nomad at BalkanNomads. BalkanNomads is the sister business to RisingSoul Retreat. RisingSoul is a space created by Rowena for people to come and live in a community. They offer affordable yoga retreats in Bulgaria. When she realised there was a need …