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2021 Retreats

We are super excited to be launching our 2021 Spring retreats now, just check out our Events Page  Subscribers receive a 5% discount and a monthly email with events, retreats and the latest news form the RSC. Prices and 2021 summer schedule is available. Visit Community Yoga for our community yoga class schedule. The perfect place to practice presence in nature through yoga movement, meditation and therapy treatment sessions.

Having a community of international yoga coaches allows us to run a weekly class schedule, this is perfect for our community or glamping guests. BalkanNomad Co-living and Workcation guests can also enjoy the benefit of drop in classes or all inclusive passes and of course we welcome local residents.

If you have a specific retreat in mind you wont be disappointed our amazing range of retreats hosted by our International Coaches in 2021 has something special for everyone. From yin to ashtanga and detox to women’s circles and sound healing our resident and guest coaches are working independently and collaboratively to put together some exceptional retreats more info on our

Whats Included?

Each retreat is unique and as its released you will have access to a full package presentation which will clarify everything in detail. Accommodation is varied and caters for all budgets and preferences. As a retreat guest you will join the community for delicious vegetarian and vegan meals please visit our Locally Produced Food to find out more about our inclusive healthy and delicious community meals.

How Can We Retreat?

The word retreat can mean many things to different people for us it can be anything that takes you away from the normal thought driven world that we live in. Any practice that stills the mind and brings you peace and acceptance is enabling you to retreat from ego driven concepts and processes. For some people this might be meditation or they may travel to experience eastern practices and rituals. For many yoga retreats enable this and to others its time away together or a walk in nature. In the extremity its to live in isolation and renounce all possession and wealth, to lead a simple life in the world of form to enhance gratitude, inner awareness and spiritual growth

We live in times where the majority of people have become disconnected from their environment, natural elements and the vibrational energy of life which runs through all organic matter, connecting us to each other and everything around us. At the RisingSoul we want to help

There are many ways to individually or collectively channel the creative energy that runs freely when we are in line with our inner selves often referred to as manifesting or the law of attraction, we could call this our soul goals the things we do that feel good and right that cause no inner conflict. We want to share a wonderful retreat space in the beautiful and peaceful Bulgarian Balkan Mountains with you to enable you to find your own personal alignment and soul goals.

The universe has a way of guiding us when we are in alignment with our ourselves life becomes easier we are no longer in the centre of drama and there is a certain ease as we let go of judgement and attachment and move into a more peaceful state of acceptance and joy. At the same time when we loose sight of these core values and become taken over by ego the opposite is true. Something within you nags that this isn’t it, there must be more, if I can only do this, I will be happy, tomorrow I will start a new, if they didn’t do that to me I would be happy, if I hadn’t lost, everything life would be ok …

Let’s Waste Time, Chasing Cars Around Our Heads!

Snow Patrol

Or Maybe We Can Stop The Car?

Do you know what your Life Purpose Is?

Could it be as simple as doing exactly what you are doing right now at this moment? and that’s all and that’s everything, because there is literally nothing else, the past has gone and the future only exists in your mind. The place where ego creates fears, regrets and intelligent madness, causing mass destruction of the planet, other life forms, anxiety, violence, and depression in the modern world.

Have you ever considered what happens if you stop thinking? What happens if you accept? What happens if you let go? Do you want to opt out? Lets find out how together, through whatever creative medium, practices or place that help to take you there. The RisingSoul Retreat is not just a Yoga Retreat

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