Our Unique Rustic Yoga, Dance & Meditation Space

The restoration of our ancient high ceiling oak barn, set in the upper grounds of the house has been transformed from draftee barn to rustic zen yoga barn den. Its a wonderful experience to practice in the sounds of nature whilst sheltered from the sun. The organic and traditional materials give you a sense of connection to the element’s and environment around you.

The project was made possible with the help of friends, volunteers and craftsmen who we are forever grateful to. If you would like to join the community as a volunteer find us here at WorkAway

The Barns Journey 2020

We began by restoring the original wood and mud floor a method used in Bulgaria for hundreds of years. These mud floors are rare and so we were conscious of protecting it for the future. The vision was to preserve something of the past and make it a special place for the future. Somewhere removed from modern-day life where our community and guests can truly become lost in the moment of movement or practice presence in stillness and silence except for the singing of birds and whistling wind in the trees.

So after repairing we designed a floating wooden floor supported by the old beams so as to protect and preserve the original mud floor. With its high beamed roof and views over the mountains and village church, its becoming the perfect place to practice and help others to connect body and mind.

As the winter began it was a race against the clock to finish the electrics and finishes touches. We are sure that in time we will continue to find ways to improve and enhance the space but for now we have our unique rustic RisingSoul Yoga Barn.

In February we got a break in the weather and I was able to bring some warmth to the space and finally get to practice. Students and guests described it as a very unique experience to practice in a protected and ancient space surrounded by the singing of birds and echo’s of village life and the mountain forest.

Our Residents Bring a New Dimension In 2021

As our resident coaches and new volunteers arrived in early May the barn was brought out of winter hibernation and given a breath of fresh spring air and creative flare. With Goda setting to work to bring her personal touch of fairy sparkle to the ancient oak and local tradesmen working to bring the now seasoned floor to its polished best a wonderful space was blooming into an even more beautiful space than we imagined. As if the universe were reading our minds a young German man named Noah, travelling in his Ark/camper van arrived and we became aware that a fabulous mural artist was amongst us. His wonderful work has brought something very unique to the space and it brings a smile to our faces every day. We would like to express our gratitude to all that have brought their energy and creative love to this special place.

Yoga Barn Improvements 2022

In 2023 we were joined by a selection of artistic talents who added a splash of their creative touch to the Yoga barn we also started to hold sacred medicine cacao ceremony in the space which has brought a whole new dimension to the space.