April - Nov

What is a retreat?

For us it can be anything that takes you away from the normal thought driven world that we live in. Anything that stills the mind and brings you peace and acceptance is enabling you to retreat from ego driven concepts and processes.

We live in times where the majority of people have become disconnected from their environment, natural elements and the vibrational energy of life which runs through all organic matter connecting us to each other and everything around us.

There are many ways to individually or collectively channel the creative energy that runs freely when we are in line with our inner selves we could call this our SoulGoals.

Life has a way of guiding us when we are in alignment with our ourselves and at the same time when we loose sight of these core values and become taken over by ego. Something within you nags that this isn’t it, there must be more, if I can only do this I will be happy, tomorrow I will start a new , if they didn’t do that to me I would be happy, if I hadn’t lost, everything life would be ok …

Let’s Waste Time, Chasing Cars Around Our Heads!

Snow Patrol

Or maybe there is another way?

Do you know what your Life Purpose Is?

Its doing exactly what you are doing right now at this moment, that’s all and that’s everything. Because there is literally nothing else the past has gone and the future only exists in your mind the place where ego creates fears, regrets and intelligent madness causing mass anxiety and depression in the modern world.

Have you ever considered what happens if you stop thinking? What happens if you accept? What happens if you let go?

Lets find out together through whatever creative medium, practices or place that helps to take you there.

Have You Got Something You Are Passionate About Sharing With Others?

If like us you do then you were meant to be here, we welcome all connections and want to share yoga, music, writing, art, animals and much more in our retreats so please feel free to get in touch

We would love to share with you “A magical place in the Balkan Mountains” The RisingSoul Retreat, is a charming earthy venue a perfect place for hosts and guests to connect, enjoy and exchange experience..

Its traditional organic spaces and spectacular mountain views, inspire reflective practice and presence. Whilst embracing students and guests with creative and rejuvenating energy.

So we are delighted to now be able to share with you, the unique opportunity to host your very own bespoke retreat with us, at the RisingSoul Retreat…

What we can Provide

At the Rising Soul Retreat, we are all about bespoke, whatever we can do to support you consider it done. We welcome new and novice trainers to try it out to be creative and give it a go.

We offer discounted rates and volunteering with donation only options for first-time retreat hosts. This season is all about creating opportunities and enabling others to share their creative ideas and skills with each other.

Have you considered co-hosting? If you are not sure you have enough students to fill a retreat get in touch with us and we will add you to our connecting & co-hosting group on FB.

Here you can share ideas and work out the practicalities of co-hosting with other yogis or trainers.

I am also a qualified Yoga Teacher with my 200h training from India and have an Ayurvedic Massage Qualification. So we are always open to co-hosting with you.

We can provide the fully catered option with myself as your assistant teacher andΒ  providing hiking and mountain biking.

Together we will develop your bespoke package, allowing you to add diversity to your retreat and have a level of support which suits your needs.

We can provide self-catering or cater for options and accommodation for smaller groups on-site or we recommend for larger groups that the team stays on-site and the guests stay 500 metres away at our partner hotel who can accommodate up to 24

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