Community Yoga Retreats:

First of all, one thing that makes us different is that RisingSoul is a spiritually and eco conscious community offering a unique experience to live and practice as part of a yoga community in nature. We are delighted to be able to welcome people from all over the world to immerse in this magical space, and benefit from our collective offerings of yogic, ceremonial, meditative, self-care and therapeutic practices.

Guests can join us on our flexible stay Earth & Spirit community Yoga Retreat where we share collective practices through a daily schedule that repeats weekly from May to September.

Guest Coach & Collaborated Retreats

Guests can also check our Retreat Calander to book a Collaborated or Guest Coach set date Yoga Retreat. In addition, the community also runs an inclusive WildForest Awakening Retreat twice a year. This is a deep healing & rewilding experience with Cacao Ceremony and practices for those that want to work on trauma, anxiety, depression or any other emotional, physical or social element that is causing suffering.

Our Ethos

Providing retreats enables us to sustain our Karma Yoga Community. and work on local community give back projects that improve and support local lifes. We value and adhere to maintain equability, sustainability, inclusion, non judgement and freedom of expression all held in a safe and supportive space. We strive towards zero waste, zero use of single plastics and work towards 100% chemical free enviroment.

Supporting Each Other

We believe that healing spaces should be available to everyone who is drawn and so we operate as a non-profit collaboration, with our entire team devoting their time as Karma Yoga, (the practice of selfless giving) without financial gain.

By joining us, you are supporting our work and helping the project to grow and reach more and more people. This act of selfless service, enables us to charge affordable prices so that as many guests as possible can receive & heal here regardless of financial status. 

We aim to one space to a scholarship placement throughout the season we also accept volunteers. if you are able to make a donation to support our work or scholarship scheme, we are incredibly thankful for any and all financial and energetic support

Karma Yoga

To enable us to continue this work we ask that all guests contribute to community life by giving karma yoga 30 min 2 x a day, after the community meals and consider supporting our volunteers by joining workshops, activities, extra classes and eating in the chai house which are a source of income for our volunteers. 

Flow Of Life Here

There is a relaxed atmosphere with structure around daily practice and meals to keep things running smoothly. We embody an encouraging yet flexible approach to our schedule where everyone is free to join as they wish, with the exception of Karma Yoga and our Weekly Sharing Circle, which are essential practices creating connection, support and unity amongst us.

Evolving & Improving

We are always ready to respond to our guests’ needs and modify our practices in accordance. There are many opportunities for personal space and reflection times within the retreat, community areas and forest to allow you to process and spend time with yourself when needed.

Safe Space

We prioritise keeping our community space safe for all, including vulnerable guests and solo travellers. Therefore we do not accept instant bookings and have an application process. Please go to the Apply button and read the section on How to Book on our Pricing Page.

Get involved In Community Life

We encourage and love guests to get involved with community life. So you are very welcome to share cooking, gardening, music and any other skills you may have and wish to contribute. There is also a Sunday morning slot for any practitioners who would like to share a class with other guests. 

Apply to Join Us

Following your application, we will confirm your booking and you will be invited to become part of the family for your stay. Please be aware that we get very busy and are already receiving 2024 bookings. 

We look forward to meeting you and wish you a safe and expanding onward journey.

Much Love & Abundance

RisingSoul Community


Our mountain valley location provides the perfect place to connect with yourself and mother earth. Surrounded by forest, wild animals, orchards, vegetable and herbal gardens. This magical space enables our amazing residents and guests to rediscover their connection to their true nature and learn to honour the spirits of the land and animals whose kingdom we share.

Based in the lush green Balkan Mountains, Belitsa is a small underpopulated Bulgarian riverside village. Which is embracing our community and supporting our work to develop and expand bringing life and vibrance back to this once thriving agricultural hub which once produced hundreds of tons of apples and hay for the communist state. Set between Tryavna and Voneshta Voda Mineral Spa, in the Balkan Mountain region of Gabrovo we are fortunate to have a new asphalt road making the village easily accessible all year round. . The area is an abundance of lush forest, mountains, natural parks and rivers.

Discover the Balkan Sites

The old mountain fortress capital city, Veliko Tarnovo is just 25min North East with easy connections and roads. It is an iconic city famous for protecting the Balkans from the Ottoman invasion. One hour South West is the Valley of the Roses and to the West the Gabrovo area boasts Shipka Pass, Buzludja Socialist Monument, Etar Museum and the Uzana ski resort.

If you would like to know more about how and why the community began in this area of Bulgaria head on over to Row’s author bio to get some background.